Meet the Staff

Rev. Carlos & Yvonne Paniagua
Lead Pastor
Pastor Carlos began his ministry at Belmont in September of 2003. Prior to being in Chicago, he served as Senior Associate Pastor at Christ Tabernacle in Glendale, New York. Pastor Carlos brings to us a wealth of experience 
gleaned from Christ Tabernacle, where he was involved in assisting with the pioneering of that church and its 
continued growth to over 2,000 members. Years prior to Christ Tabernacle, Pastor Carlos learned the fundamentals of 
ministry as a member of the well-known New York City church, Brooklyn Tabernacle. Pastor Carlos and his wife 
Yvonne are “real people” with a heart for the city of Chicago. They understand city life and city needs – so essential 
for urban ministry. Pastor Carlos speaks to today’s issues of life with a solid biblical perspective that you will find both 
challenging and life-changing. Pastor Carlos and Yvonne would love to meet you and help you in your Christian 

Rev. Thomas & Libby Stack
Associate Pastor
Pastor Tom came on staff in August of 2004. He has been a part of Belmont since 1998 and was serving as a 
Deacon prior to this present ministry. Pastor Tom brings a bi-vocational experience to the ministry staff. Beginning ministry in 
1983, he has been on the mission field (Guam), served as an Interim Pastor and Associate Pastor, along with other 
areas of church leadership. From secular employment, Pastor Tom has been involved in quality assurance, 
engineering, and product management. These experiences have served to provide solid business exposure along with 
the ministry involvements – serving to support the ministry development of Belmont. Pastor Tom is married (Libby) 
and has three children (Jeremy, Joanna, Joi).

Rev. Ric & Aida Laboy
Children's Ministries Pastor
Pastor Ric Laboy joined the pastoral staff as our Children's Pastor in March of 2006. Prior to that, Pastor Ric was
serving as the supervisor for our Master's Commission program. Additionally, he has experience stemming from roles in several Christian elementary schools. Pastor Ric along with his wife Aida have a heart for God and God's people, especially towards our children. Since taking over this responsibility, he has brought a lot of excitement, energy and new direction to our Kids inC children's ministry. Pastor Ric and Aida are parents of three, which certainly is a resource to draw on for ministry to our children. In January of 2016, Pastor Ric and Aida Laboy launch our newest ministry, a rebrand of the Kids InC. - Belmont's very own Compass Kids. With our new facility, we know our church's children won't have a chance to be bored.

Rev. Joey and Cicely Silva
Student Ministries Pastor
Pastor Silva joined the staff of Belmont in 2009 as an Assistant Pastor to our previous Student Ministries Pastor.
Pastor Joey assumed the leadership role in the Excel youth ministry at Belmont beginning in February of 2010. He is
a product of the Excel Student Ministry, being a part of the group for a number of years initially as an attendee and
then in growing responsibilities involving the volunteer leadership team of Excel. This is one of those examples where God develops someone from within the church and then calls them to a ministry role. Now with his wife Cicely Silva at his side, we are excited about the Silvas and their teams as God continues to grow the Excel Youth ministry at Belmont.

Rev. Ismael & Estela Nieves
Spanish Ministries Pastor
Pastor Ismael Nieves joined the pastoral staff as the Spanish Congregation Pastor in November of 2011. Prior to that Pastor Ismael was serving in varying capacities at Belmont Assembly of God since becoming a member of our
congregation in February of 2008. In the past few years he has been an integral part of Belmont in volunteer service,
including teaching classes for new believers and water baptism, serving as Deacon, and having oversight of our
Ushers & Greeters and Men’s Ministry. His wife Estela has participated in our Music Ministry as part of the worship
team. On January 8, 2012, Pastor Ismael and Estela excitedly answered the call to a new opportunity as Belmont launched a service geared to our Spanish-speaking community here at Belmont. 

Rev. Jason & Susan Croox
Music Ministries Pastor
Born and raised in Chicago, Pastor Jason first felt God’s call to lead as a young teen in the late 90s. As a young adult he led worship for daily prayer meetings at a local ministry while being sent out to minister in various parts of the country. In his mid-20s he directed a non-profit after school program, sharing the gospel to the children and youth of Chicago’s Howard neighborhood. Worshipping God through song has long been one of his passions, having been a worship leader since he was 15. On staff at Belmont since the spring of 2015, Pastor Jason enjoys the opportunity to serve the body and encourage believers to deepen their relationship with the Lord through daily worship. Pastor Jason and his wife, Susan, have been married for eight years and have three young children (Kayla, Jac, and Zac). 

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