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What does Belmont offer for the whole family?

At Belmont we strive to provide a complete family experience for you and your family. Whether it’s the Oasis Nursery for babies and toddlers ages birth-3, Compass Kids for children ages 3-12, Excel Student Ministries
Excel website for teens ages 12-18, Compass Groups (for adults/young adults) along with adult volunteer opportunities in the various ministries.

Why do you have two buildings?

Our main campus is located at 6050 W. Belmont where our main services are held for adults and our childrens ministries. Our Prayer Meeting is held here on Wednesday nights and Excel Student Ministries also meets at this location on Thursday nights. Our second campus is located just down the block at 6120 W. Belmont where our staff and volunteer offices are located.

How can I get involved at Belmont?

We believe it is extremely vital for your faith to be active and involved in ministry. You may approach any ministry leader for information on serving here. You may also fill out our Volunteer Brochure electronically on the Serving Opportunities page of our web site and you will be contacted to discuss opportunities where you can serve.

Are the two Sunday services different in presentation?

We offer two services on Sundays, an English service at 10am and a Spanish service at 12:30pm. We also hold a Prayer Meeting on Wednesday nights at 7pm. Please acquaint yourself with our Events Calendar for a comprehensive schedule of services and events happening.

How long do your services last?

Our Sunday and Wednesday evening services typically run for 80 minutes in length.

What are your beliefs as a church?

We are a Bible believing, Spirit of God led church. Being part of the Assemblies of God denomination, we subscribe to its fundamental beliefs. If you click on Assemblies of God you will find a list of our core values and beliefs. You may also read our pastor’s Welcome Letter to learn more about the heart of our church.

Can my children attend service with me?

While you are more than welcome to keep your children with you during service, we would highly encourage you to allow your child to attend our Compass Kids services. These services are designed specifically for your children and we believe they will retain more of what they hear with other children their own age.

Are your pastors accessible?

Our Pastoral Staff is always open to meeting with you regarding any issues, questions or concerns you may need help with. While you are always able to Contact Us and request a meeting or to speak to a pastor, we also may be reached directly through email by clicking the pastoral staff link in this answer.

Do I have to be a member to attend Belmont?

At no time is anyone obligated to join us in membership. However, if you’ve chosen to become a regular attendee at our church, we do encourage you to consider membership.

How do I become a member if I so choose?

We offer a 3 week membership class at periodic intervals during the year, which are announced in advance. Once you have completed the class you will be scheduled for an interview with the Senior Pastor before being recognized as a member.

How can I social network with Belmont?

Belmont is connected through social networking as follows:
Belmont Church: Facebook (Click on Facebook Icon at top of web page) Twitter (Click on Twitter Icon at top of web page) - This brings you to Pastor Carlos' page and provides a way to create your own Twitter Account.   NOTE- If you want to just "follow" Pastor Carlos' Twitter feeds, then please click HERE to obtain instructions on how to get his messages on your own cell phone.
Excel Student Center: Facebook and Twitter links at top of web page at Excel's website http://www.excelstudentcenter.org
Live video stream and archives of services on: Belmont’s webcast channel

Do I have to dress a certain way?

There is no official dress code here at Belmont, as we just want you to come and experience the Love of Christ dressed in whatever clothes you are comfortable with.

How does parking work at Belmont?

Since we are located in the City of Chicago, parking can be limited. We have a parking lot at each campus. Paid street parking is also available on Belmont on the block where our 6050 facility is located. Parking on Belmont one block west of Austin and beyond is free as well as surrounding side streets without zoned parking restrictions. At present, paid parking is not required on Sundays.

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