If you are new to Belmont and our theme of Finding Direction Together, we will use the concept of navigation using a GPS applied in a way that relates to a spiritual journey in your life. Just as in journeys on the road, you have a beginning to your travels and progress on the way to a destination. The following steps will help you begin navigating life through Christ while at Belmont as we are Finding Direction Together.
GPS 101
When you first attend our services at Belmont we will do our best to provide you with a warm welcome and help you feel at ease, at home. To help you get acquainted, you are invited to stop at our Guest Services area after the service you have attended is over. Our hostesses will greet you and offer you complimentary beverages and light snacks. During your visit at Guest Services, opportunity will be made to meet with some of our leaders or pastors. Don’t worry, we just want to say hello and thank you for being at Belmont. We hope to see you!
GPS 102
If you have been ‘visiting’ Belmont for a while and have made a decision to follow Jesus - you are a new Christian or ‘newer’ in the faith. We periodically offer a class entitled “Starting Point.” This class is typically taught on consecutive Sunday mornings for approximately four weeks at a time. The class is purposely foundational in content. We want to provide you with a solid basis for understanding why you believe, what you believe and its importance along with key points that will help you not only find direction but learn how to maintain it.
GPS 103
As you continue to be a part of Belmont and sense that this is the place you belong, we will invite you to consider the commitment of joining with us in church membership. While this has the sound of formality, it is really an acknowledgment that you consider yourself part of the church family and sincerely desire to partner with us in seeing the work of God go forward. We schedule membership classes several times during the year to provide you with all the details on membership, our core beliefs and structure. It is a joy to help you continue your path of growth on your spiritual journey.
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